παραλίες μεσσηνία

Kartelas Beach

The second closest beach to the hotel is the beach of Kartelas.

The name of the beach was taken from the name of the wind that blows over it ‘kartelas’ that can make the site look like Hawaii! When it’s not windy,it’s one of the best beaches in the region.

Sandy and mildly organised,you can find a beach bar,umbrellas and seats,and a beach volleyball court. Ideal for families.



παραλίες μεσσηνία

Trypes Beach

The closest beach to the hotel is “Trypes” beach.It took its name from the holes (‘trypes’) that the rocks form to the side of the little bay.

It’s a landscape of absolute beauty because of the pale gold sand and the exquisite blue of the Ionian sea and the green vegetation of the close hill.

Because there is no road leading there but a small walking path,you will not meet a lot of people and that’s what makes this beach special!The locals know it well and go there when seeking tranquility,along with the sea turtles caretta-caretta,so if you are lucky you may see some laying their eggs on the shore.

This beach is protected by Natura 2000.


Sani Beach

Another close beach to the hotel (1.5 km distance). Sandy and fully organised. There is a restaurant, a snack bar, seats and beach volley court.



Voidokilia Beach

παραλίες μεσσηνία

It’s the most well-known beach of Messinia. Like a water theatre, it consists of a round bay of thin sand and crystal clear turquoise water.

Next to the beach, offering its shadow, there is a huge rock.

The site is protected by Natura 2000, so the modern civilisation hasn’t changed anything at all and you can find calmness despite the crowds that visit the beach.

παραλίες μεσσηνία