The magical depths of Messinia and the undersea wealth are a source for memorable experiences and offer indelible images for diving enthusiasts.

Headquartered in Marathos city, a Diving Centre operates in organizing diving excursions. The diving center offers diving opportunities all accompanied by qualified divers and specialties: first-timmer’s dive, discover scuba, first aid courses and more. Proti island and other coastal beaches of Messinia will lend you incredible images of beauty.

Those who want to explore and enjoy for the first time the magic of the underwater world, without being obliged to make full training can attend the program that includes theory, diving pool and finally diving into the sea.
During these seminars the trainees acquire considerable skills and very useful information on underwater flora and fauna of Messinia.
However be aware that the dives are allowed only with special permission from the competent authorities and especially in the region of Messinia you should  avoid  the southwest of  Methoni in the Shaft of Oinousses, where is the deepest point of the Mediterranean and where is an created underwater abyss.
So before you practice your favorite sport consult the local port authorities for permission and possible risks.
Port Kyparissia: +30 2761022128