Apollo Resort Art Hotel in Kyparissia is famous for its Greek breakfast as it is a point of out-hotel guests’ experience.

We are, after all, the first hotel in Kyparissia with a Greek breakfast certification from the Hotel Chamber of Greece.
We believe that the tastes from this place are the ones that will remain indelibly in the memory, so every day after your awakening you will have pure products and homemade flavors that offer an authentic experience of getting to know the Messinian land!

In the breakfast buffet there are various types of bread, homemade jams, local certified honey, “lalangia” accompanied by “sphela” cheese, feta and others, local sausages such as traditional sausage with orange, Syglino of Mani, Mani’s traditional nuts accompanied by extra virgin olive oil, traditional sweets or pies, olives, hot traditional soup “trachana”, dried figs, pasteli, Messinian peanuts, “loukoumia” and fragrant donuts with honey, various sweets spoon, drinks from herbs and aromatic plants and Greek coffee … but most importantly what will relax you is the morning smile of our staff and the mood to service you!

Our breakfast since July 2021 has the signature of Anna Maria Barouh. We kept the high quality and the variety of local products and upgraded the presentation aesthetics. Breakfast is also  available for non-hotel guests.

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