Apollo Art Resort Hotel in Kyparissia, Messinia

“We hope that your browse of this website will be the beginning of good memories, we wish to welcome you, to host you and that you will leave full of experiences and beautiful impressions!”

So, welcome to Messinia!

Welcome to Apollo Resort Art Hotel in Kyparissia!

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We are located in the area of Farmaka – Kartelas in Kyparissia (1.5 km from the city center), one could say “buried” in a vast olive grove and about 200 meters from the beach “Trypes“.

Our story:

Apollo Resort Art Hotel in Kyparissia is the second hotel of the Christodoulou family in Kyparissia and was created in 1987 to continue even more dynamically the tradition of more than 70 years of the family in the field of Tourism. The name of the hotel is inspired by the god Apollo as its temple is located just one kilometer in the area of Mousga near the Railway Station.

The hotel since its establishment until today has carried out two major renovations (2006 , 2011) with respect for the environment and now provides high quality services, but without becoming impersonal. But every year we continue to make changes, always focusing on the needs of our customers, old and new. Key stages of further changes:

In 2018 we remodeled the surrounding area of our pool.

In 2021 we proceeded with the implementation of a geothermal system in our hotel, giving even greater importance to energy savings. For us, the environment plays a key role for this and in our hotel we apply additional recycling practices of glass, paper and plastic while we now provide the possibility of charging electric cars. In addition, from 2021, the Roof garden area of the hotel is accessible. From there you can enjoy magnificent mountain views, the castle of Kyparissia and the endless blue of the sea, especially at sunset.

The space is available for yoga as well as for events (wedding – baptism). It will be fully operational in 2022.

In this effort we relied mainly on our staff, our team, the choice of which has justified us in recent years. So our people embraced and respected our principles and vision and all together, as a Family run hotel, we chart a course in recent years only with a positive sign! We thank them very much for that!

You are not staying at us, you are staying with us:

hotel kyparissia

The relaxing universe of each room is accentuated by the warm colors, the discreet lighting, the authentic paintings but mainly the wonderful and high standard (orthopedic, anatomical, anti-allergic) mattresses, so it will keep you close to it for several hours…

Our little friends, from the first awakening until the evening will not be bored at all, since the crystal clear children’s pool, the renewed playground, the various games and the wonderful menus adapted to their needs and appetites will occupy them until late at night . The whole family will of course have the opportunity to test their endurance and ingenuity in the escape room of the hotel, which even marked a world first in hotel facilities! Its theme is taken from the local production and culture, something that shows on the one hand the faith and the support of the tradition and the history but on the other hand also highlights the disposition for innovation.

In the garden of the hotel or on the roof of the building, you are given the opportunity to feel the healing aura of the olive trees, allowing our certified partner to guide you on a personalized, peaceful journey with massage services, special spa treatments or yoga.


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The Hot spot of the Apollo Resort Art hotel in Kyparissia is the kiosk next to the imposing pool (the largest in Kyparissia)! It was reconstructed with great care and is the jewel of our hotel. There you will forget all your worries while enjoying the branch, or the dish of the day you choose or drinking your drink with fresh herbs from our garden. Each of our guests experiences an unprecedented sense of peace and freedom but also an elegant cosmopolitan mood…

hotel kyparissia

The surrounding nature, the facilities and in general our hospitality will not let you easily slip out of their nets, so try not to leave a speck of the blessed Messinian land unexplored!

Cosmopolitan but also more secluded and quiet beaches, sights, monuments and dreamy places are waiting for you… At your disposal to advise you on your plan and suggest small and enjoyable getaways because our goal is for your hospitality to be full of experiences and to feel even a little citizens of this blessed place!

hotel kyparissia

On the way back, a small artistic proposal may be waiting for you at the hotel, since the owner and soul of the hotel, Mrs. Christodoulou Georgia, dedicated to her love for art and the support of artists, takes care of your mental uplift either by organizing music nights or painting exhibitions etc.

After all this it is up to you whether you will choose us as something special for your stay and not as another accommodation.

The proposals for hotels in Kyparissia are many. But the quality, one!

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