Kyparissia is the capital of the municipality of Trifylia, Messinia.


It is situated at the foot of Mount Egaleo on the South Western coast of thePeloponnesos. Kyparissia has an extensive sea frontage with local tourist, agricultural and commercial centres. The Ancient or Upper Town is a preserved settlement 150 metres above the modern Town which is constructed on an extensive grid system that runs gently down to the Ionian Sea.


The Upper Town is dominated by the ruins of a Venetian Castle that was first constructed during prehistoric times. First reports of the city were recorded by Homer (Iliad, Book B, Verse 593) relating to how the (Cypresses or Kyparissian’s) built and contribute many wooden fighting ships towards the Trojan War. Because of its location there have been many rulers over the centuries, especially during the Venetian period.


During Medieval times Kyparissia was called Arcadia due to the many Arcadians who fled and lived there following their persecution by the Slavs. During the Turkish occupation, Kyparissia was at the forefront of the Greek people’s struggle against their conquerors.

The town of Kyparissia is surrounded by a beautiful natural environment with endless sandy beaches.

It is constantly growing and changing, with all the comforts of a modern town.