Local Cuisine

An important part of the tradition of Messinia is the diet of humans and the way, they consume what the fertile land has to offer. What do the Messinian eat though? The answer is simple but it may surprise you!!! Some of the divine tastes of the Messinian kitchen

τοπική μεσσηνιακή κουζίνα


Eaten lightly moistened with water, olive oil and sprinkled with chopped tomato and crushed sfela cheese.


From the finest cheeses produced in Messinia is the sfela, delicious white cheese with a brackish taste, traditional Messinian, produced from sheep milk


Messinian Traditional product, whose fame has gone beyond his homeland, Mani, and has become known throughout Greece. Made with natural ingredients like flour, oil and water and fried in fresh olive oil. It is a delicious dietary supplement that