Local Products

The Messinian land hides many exquisite treasures, which the visitor can enjoy not only in our hotel, but also take with him, leaving.

The most famous local product is the olive oil and the Kalamon olives. The figs of the area and the peanuts  are of exceptional quality. A specially flavored cheese, the sphela, which is made from sheep’s or goat’s and sheep’s milk, is very common in Messinia and Laconia.

Another special traditional product is the lalagia, which are crispy pieces of dough, fried in olive oil. The lalagia were made before major religious holidays by all housewives.

τοπικά προϊόντα μεσσηνίας

One of the most traditional Greek cold cuts is the siglino, which is salted pieces of pork. It is eaten plain but you will also find it in dishes of Messinian cuisine. The famous sausage of the area is the sausage with orange.

Traditional spoon sweets, such as quince, fig, watermelon and more, you will find and try in many parts of Messinia. Tradition exists in the preparation of loukoumia  and of course in pasteli, since the honey of the area is considered one of the best in Greece.

Messinia has some excellent vineyards and you can find very nice varieties of wines, such as Malagouzia but also tsipouro and ouzo of very good quality.

Ιn addition to visiting archeological sites and natural beauties of the Messinian land, the visitor will also travel to gastronomic destinations using as a base one of the best hotels in Kyparissia the  Apollo Resort Art hotel .

The “Gumbo Festival” takes place the first fifteen days of August in the village of Armenioi (just outside Kyparissia), where freew gumbo cooked in the oven is offered.

The “Festival of cod” is held every year on August 6 in the village of Spilia in Kyparissia, offering various flavors of the fish.

The “Celebration of Wine” is an event-an institution that takes place every year in July in several areas of Messinia.It has a major impact in  Pylos,  Perdikoneri of D. Trifylia and Petritsi of D. Voufrados known for its many good wines. In the area of  Chora the event is held in July in cultural events (Nestoreia) while Perdikoneri and Petritsi on August 10 every year, where  wine is offered by the producers of the village and various tidbits from the housewives, with orchestral accompaniment, while the party lasts until dawn.


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