Messinia is a prefecture in the Peloponnese, a region of Greece. Messenia is bounded on the east by Mount Taygetus, on the north by the river Neda and the Arcadian Mountains, and on the west and south by the Mediterranean Sea, more specifically on the west by the Ionian Sea, and on the south by the Gulf of Messinia.Bordered to the north with the prefecture of Ilia, in the northeast prefecture of Arcadia and in the east with the prefecture of Laconia.
Messinia offers a huge variety of destinations to satisfy all types of tourism: tourist, sports, rural, mountain, church and other forms of alternative tourism for this and is considered one of the most beautiful provinces of Greece.Messinia gathers everything: good climate, with mild winters, sweet autumn, sharp and fragrant spring, cool summer, mountains, plains, sea, sights, sports, events, easy access and good infrastructure for hosting. With countless kilometers of coastal line and majestic mountains make up the landscape, it is certain that a lot will surprise you, provided you have the mood and the time to explore.