Kyparissia - Messinia
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Church of Christ Savior’s Transfiguration


The Church of Christ’s Transfiguration is located in the center of Christianoupolis south of Kyparissia after Filiatra. According to reports written, it seems that in the late 11th century,  Christianoupoli  became archbishop and after many changes over the centuries, ceased to be a diocese in 1833.

Speculated from the findings that exist in the church it was built on the ruins of an ancient Greek temple of “Zeus the Savior,” because Christianity as we know considered the ancient Greek temples idolatrous and destroyed them to build (or on the ruins erected) Christian temples. They named it “Transfiguration of Christ” to a link it with the temple of “Zeus the Savior.”

It is the largest Byzantine church of Moreas, hence the popular saying, “Holy Savior in Moria, and Hagia Sophia in Istanbul”  said the ordinary believers, who obviously wanted to make a comparison in size, with the temple of the Holy Sophia in Istanbul. The church functioned without interruption until the year 1825, when destroyed without tearing it down, in his passage from Christianoupoli by Ibrahim Pasha. The year 1886 the strong earthquake that shook the region Trifilia led to the collapsing of  the dome and the south side of this church.