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Niokastro at Navarino

kastro-pulouIn the bay of Navarino, near the town of Pylos, there are two castles: the newest castle of Navarino or otherwise Niokastro and older Paliokastro or Palionavarino. Niokastro was built in 1573 by the Turks and remain in possession until 1686, when surrendered to the Venetians.

In 1715 the Turks re-conquer Niokastro along with Koroni and Palionavarino.

In 1825, Ibrahim Pasha becomes chief of Niokastro until 1828, when it is released by the French General ,Maison.

During the Second World War it was the original Italian and later German headquarters of the wide area.

The hexagonal reconstructed fort is now used as a Museum and Center for Submarine (Underwater) Archaeology.

The most important monuments are:

Niokastro which is divided into two sections:

Perivolos-Down Castle:

The largest of the two parts spread over the hillside with a circumference of 1566m and covers an area of 80 acres and is built of hewn limestone

Top Castle:

Hexagonal fortress with strong ramparts and bastions covering five of the six corners.

The Church of the Savior Transfiguration:

Cruciform church with a Gothic dome built by the Franks. Functioned as a mosque and then as a Christian church.

The building of General Maison:

Rectangular two-story stone building of the first decades of the 19th century,in which today, after restoration, operates the museum and offices.