Kyparissia - Messinia
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The Castle of Arcadia


The Castle of Arcadia is now the jewel of Kiparissia, and the whole municipality. Because of its location, offers visitors a unique view not only the city but also to the surrounding area.

Is the balcony of Kyparissia order to be able to be gazing and enjoying the beauty of the place. Modern scholars, based on the construction of, determined that it is occidental build, since such buildings as appear after 1205.

In mythology, Kyparissia was built in the “Giants” (personifications of the momenta of the sea), who seems to have built and the citadel in which the later pyrgothike vyzantinofragkiko castle. A castle built of stone length 4m. and width 1.64 m and 1.38 m length other and a width of 1.80 m. which (because of their size) are proof that it was built by giants.

Circa 10th-11th century, it seems that Kyparissia changes name and becomes Arcadia Arcadians of many who had the difficult times to leave the rugged land. From then on the Castle of the Giants Castle called Arcadia. The Castle of Arcadia plays an important role during the Franks who came after the Crusades, Europeans. Many Franks planned to occupy some islands and some coastal areas which included the Castle of Arcadia. The first decades of the 13th century, the castle fell to the Franks and remains in them for the next 2 centuries.

During the Byzantine Empire, the fortress of Kiparissia renovated in the organization of coastal areas. In the 4 corners of the fort built bastions, one of which lasted many centuries and is the tower’s east side, which bears the name “Tower of Justinian.”

The 1432 Castle afentefoun the Palaiologos xanakymatizei the flag with the Byzantine Eagle until 1460 as Arcadia fell into the hands of the Turks and 10,000 Arkadinoi obliged to move to Asia Minor. The period of the first Turkish occupation, which keeps until 1685. The Turks fortified the castle to meet Greeks and Venetians, but the fortifications in the year were not impressive, merely ancillary to that of the Franks.

Since 1685 following the period of Venetian rule until 1715. The Venetians rebuilt the ruined parts of the castle (towers and battlements), which set off the Turks before losing, and added and other fortifications, but unfortunately destroyed before fall back to the Turks.

In 1830 or so, after the battle of Navarino, the Castle of Arcadia fell to the Greeks.

Circa 1970 built the outdoor theater, which has hosted many cultural events (ancient tragedies, plays, poetry nights, music nights etc.).

During the summer months in the castle operated cafeteria, where guests of the castle can be “thirsty” gazing at the view …