Kyparissia - Messinia
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The Monastery of Voulcano


The monastery of Voulcano or Vourcano holds the first place among the mythical and historical names of Messinia, since it is the holiest site of both the prehistoric and ancient city  in the heart of it.

And it is precisely this position of Ithomi, in the middle of a great valley that has no great height (802m), giving to this hill  a superiority, as if it is the highest mountain area of Messinia.

The monastery is really built on top of Ithomi on a huge rock. Southeast of the monastery lies the ancient temple of Zeus Ithomata, where there were happening many sacrifices, and as the tradition says, even human.

The monastery was abandoned by the monks in the 16th century, not only because the climb to the monastery was steep and difficult, but because the location was such that the wind,the cold and the sun were strong. Slowly they built a little below a new Voulcano monastery.

The old church of the monastery is a wonderful piece of Byzantine art, the work of the brothers Moschoi, 1608, and there are two built-in inscriptions.