Kyparissia - Messinia
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Local Products

products-300x246Messinia is described as blessed because it produces almost everything! For what we boast of  it’s our olive oil!

In Messinia, wherever you are you will discover the love that Messinians feel for olive.We proclaim it everywhere and the olive gives us back its exceptional taste and unique quality, known worldwide. The Messinian Olive oil is a natural product produced by the crushing of olive extracts and no additives. It is a gift of nature, of great biological and pharmaceutical value, tasty and easily digested, with a degree of assimilation by the body up to 98% and with low acidity 0,2-1, produced with love and care. Packaged by companies with vast experience who respect tradition and consumers. Today it is believed that olive oil protects the heart, helps in proper functioning of many organs, acts beneficially to many illnesses and has preventive effects in several cancers.

But for our wine we are proud,too! The relationship between Messenia and the cultivation of the vine and wine production begins thousands of years ago, according to archaeological investigations. The excellent climate and fertile soil have been and are the main reasons for this longstanding relationship. For lovers of wine we can arrange visits to various facilities where experts will talk about  the varieties of the region, and  will give us the opportunity to taste the wines produced. Certainly for most ”good-timers” we can organize tasting evenings and drinking at the pool.

In Messinia you will also find raisins, figs, cheese (famous now is the Talaganis and sfela), honey, herbs, vegetables and potatoes but also almost all  fruit .There is no fruit that’s not produced here, we say proudly and rightly! Citrus fruits, the gift given by Earth, at the marriage of Zeus and Hera, divine gifts that were kept away from people in the gardens of Hesperides, now widely cultivated in Messinia. Oranges, tangerines, lemons … but not least significant all of the Mediterranean fruit, watermelons, melons and figs, depending on the season, enrich their lives and the table of the Messinians all year round, offering the ideal nutritional supplement.

Messenians are so proud of our products that we organize special celebrations for them!

The “Festival of watermelon” is a celebration – an institution for the Peloponnese. The purpose of the festival is to inform producers, traffickers, export agencies and consumer culture, marketing, for the nutritional value of watermelon and of course the largest exposure and advertising of the product. Held in the city Agrilis ofTrifylia (10 km from Kyparissia) from mid-May each year until mid-June.

The “Gumbo Festival” takes place the first fifteen days of August in the village of Armenioi (just outside Kyparissia), where freew gumbo cooked in the oven is offered.

The “Festival of cod ” is held every year on August 6 in the village of Spilia in Kyparissia, offering various flavors of the fish.

The “Celebration of Wine” is an event-an institution that takes place every year in July in several areas of Messinia.It has a major impact in  Pylos,  Perdikoneri of D. Trifylia and Petritsi of D. Voufrados known for its many good wines. In the area of  Chora the event is held in July in cultural events (Nestoreia) while Perdikoneri and Petritsi on August 10 every year, where wine is offered by the producers of the village and various tidbits from the housewives, with orchestral accompaniment, while the party lasts until dawn.