Kyparissia - Messinia
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In Apollo Resort Art Hotel every day you will have a huge range of traditional food. We can offer a fresh bread  (2-3 kinds), fresh fruits, juice, fruit’s salads , vegetables and of course products which are grown in our hotel’s  garden. Also a local kinds of cheese and  the other dairy products , such as traditional yoghurt , boiled eggs, omelet and French toasts, meat products  and sliced pork are offered. We recommend to taste our handmade  pies( with chicken, potatoes, mushrooms) also we have honey, tahini, dry figs and our local gam .

We would like to pay your attention on our handmade cakes and sweets. You can taste an orange pie,  a dairy pie,  a greek  donut  lukumades with honey, a rice pudding rizogalo and ‘ ipovrihio’ .

In our summer buffet are olives, olive oil and barley rusks ; traditional hot soup trahanas, cereals ( wheat, cuscus, oats); herbal drinks and a greek coffee .  The day starts from the breakfast which is full of  an amazing smell.  Fresh boiled eggs and omelet, greek  “paksimadia “ with tomato  and local cheese feta , olives from Kalamata, dry fids, trahanas and fragrant donuts…all there are only a few kinds of food which you can enjoy  and taste during your time in the hotel.

In the kitchen the chef  is a great cooker and she is cooking  according to traditions. A lot of chefs can be impressed how she is cooking her pies and sweets.