Escape Room

Escape Room

Recently the Apollo Resort Art Hotel completed the creation of a live-action escape room on its premises! The hotel is among the first worldwide that offers such entertainment on its premises !

The live-action escape room concept, which has taken off in recent years in cities across the globe, is a physical adventure game for groups of 2-6 thrill seekers who are locked in a room and have to use elements of the room to solve a series of puzzles and escape within a set time limit.

What makes the escape room of the Apollo Resort Art Hotel stand out is its direct reference to the area’s local production and products as the room’s theme “Immortality” is focused on local wine and history.

Once in the escape room, the players are requested to find — in just 60 minutes — the unique wine that will offer them “immortality” and of course the key to escape from the room.

We are in the decade of 1960 at the house of a very cultivated man, who has discovered the secret of immortality and well-being and has hidden it well in a single bottle of wine. The group has 60′ at its disposal to find this particular bottle by solving riddles and using their mind and the clues provided to escape!

A Game of

  • Perception
  • Observation
  • Team spirit

It does not require

  • Knowledge
  • Physical skills
  • Talent
  • Special skills

Will you manage to escape from the fear of death and taste the nectar of Immortality???

Price List:

2 25
3 35
4 40
5 45
6 50