Wine Tasting & Olive Oil Tasting

Wine Tasting
Our hotel offers excellent quality wines promoting local producers. Messinian vineyards and growers have grown rapidly in recent years, with great distinction abroad, excellent reviews and acceptance from international organizations and sommeliers. Recognizing the global wine trend, we organize Wine Tasting sessions so that our customers can get to know the wonderful wine varieties of the area and taste the unique multitude of their aromas. The experience can be completed with a visit to wineries and vineyards in the area where you will further enrich your knowledge about the local vine varieties, the processes of grape cultivation and wine production, but you will also have the opportunity to try high quality wines at the point of production.
Wine Tasting

Olive oil tasting

Try Messinian olive oil, one of the most popular Greek products, directly at its place of production.

Oil Tasting

Guided tours of olive mills are organized, where you will learn more about the modern ways of producing olive oil, you will taste pure virgin olive oil, while depending on the season you can participate in the relevant fruit harvesting work.
Express your interest and we will organize an unforgettable experience for you.