Kyparissia - Messinia
27610 24411-12


Kyparissia, is the capital of the Municipality of Trifyllia (Weat Messinia ) and is located northwestern of Kalamata and southwestern of Athens.

The distance Athens-Tripoli-Kyparissia (250 km) is covered by car in about 2 hrs and 30 min.

From the Bus Station of Athens at Kifissos,the distance is covered in 4 hrs with everyday itineraries.

Messinian Bus Station: +30210-5134293 (Athens)

Kyparissia Bus Station : +3027610-22260

Kyparissia is also accessible from Patras within 3 hrs.

Kilometres (by car)

Athens-Kyparissia :250 km

Alexandroupoli-Kyparissia : 1055 km

Volos-Kyparissia: 526 km

Thessaloniki-Kyparissia: 707 km

Ioannina-Kyparissia: 391 km

Kalamata-Kyparissia: 60 km

Nafplio-Kyparissia: 146 km

Patras-Kyparissia: 155 km

Pyrgos-Kyparissia: 55 km

Tripoli-Kyparissia: 91 km

Access by sea

From Patras,which is linked with the ports of Italy (Ancona,Bari,Brindisi),the visitor arrives in Kyparissia withn 2 hours.

Access by airplane

There are flights that connect the bounty with Athens,Thessaloniki,Irakleio (Creta), Moscow,Nuremberg (Germany) and other european cities.

Messini Airport: +30 (0)27610 63805

From Germany (Hanover) you can also  come to Kyparissia from Araxos Airport.

Araxos Airport: +30 (0)26930 23598