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Kyparissia Messinia: sightseeing within 1 hour
Kyparissia Messinia: sightseeing within 1 hour

Kyparissia can be used as a base to visit many attractions nearby and a little further away, whether it is archaeological sites or natural beauty sites.

Starting from the Apollo Resort Art Hotel in Kyparissia, if you choose to head north, you can visit Neda’s waterfalls. It will take you about 45 minutes to reach the starting point of the hiking trail. From there, the hiking takes 20 minutes to reach the waterfalls. It is an easy route.

You can also visit the temple of Epicurean Apollo, which is 1 hour from Kyparissia.It’s the twin brother of Parthenon,just smaller in scale. Also, Ancient Olympia is at the same distance. Beyond the archaeological site, you can also visit the museum in the town of Olympia, which is the first museum to host the exhibits that were discovered in Ancient Olympia, before the new museum was built, at the entrance of the archaeological site.

The most beautiful archaeological site of Messinia is undoubtedly Ancient Messini. It is an archaeological site of enormous importance, located to the east of Kyparissia, about an hour’s drive away. Ancient Messina is the old capital of the Messinian state, a city of over 50,000 inhabitants, with many buildings preserved in very good condition. It is the only place in Greece, with preserved buildings on such an extent. Its visitor will need at least three hours to be able to see the whole place.

Important archaeological destinations also exist in the south of Kyparissia. In the village of Chora, there is a museum with exhibits from the Palace of Nestor, located 5 minutes outside the village, but also from other sites, such as the Dome of Peristeria.

Leaving the Palace of Nestor, continuing south, you will find the famous beach of Voidokoilia and if you want to climb the hill, you will see the ruins of the Frankish castle. This beach, due to its natural beauty, has been designated a NATURA area, therefore, it is not organized. Very close to Voidokoilia  beach is the settlement of Gialova, with the homonymous beach. In Gialova you will find many restaurants and taverns, as well as cafes / bars.

After Gialova and about 20 minutes, you will meet Pylos. A picturesque town, which has a small port as well as the Castle, which is preserved in very good condition. It is possible to find a boat and go to the island of Sfakteria. The island has monuments of English, French and Russian sailors, who were killed in the naval battle in October 1827. Pylos plans to celebrate annually the event, culminating in the representation of the naval battle at the port. In Pylos you will find several restaurants and fish taverns, and  café / bars.

Leaving Pylos, if you continue south in less than half an hour, you can visit Methoni and see its castle, which is preserved in very good condition. It has a unique characteristic, one of the towers is built inside the sea. If you choose to move east, you can visit another area of ​​natural beauty, the Polimnimo.In the gorge of the area you can see lakes and waterfalls, with the largest being the waterfall of Kadhi.

The Apollo Resort Art Hotel in Kyparissia will be waiting for you until late … to come back full of impressions and experiences !

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