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Kyparissia : what to do in 5km distance
Kyparissia : what to do in 5km distance

Kyparissia is a city on the west side of Messinia. It is located at a hub, 1 hour from Kalamata, Tripoli and Sparta, 40 minutes from Pyrgos and about 2:30 hours from Athens.

In Kyparissia the visitor can visit some of the most beautiful beaches of the Ionian Sea and does not need to be too far from the city. The central beach of Kyparissia, Ay Lagoudis, is organized and offers umbrellas and sun loungers. There are two Bar-Restaurants on the beach to serve the bathers and not only. A small beautiful beach, «the Holes» (from the presence of rocks with holes and small caves) is to the right of the port of town not organized and you will need an umbrella for the sun and extra towels or mats. At that beach the hotel Apollo Resort Art has access (200m). At some point, you can also do nudity. (Ask the hotel about access).

Three kilometers outside Kyparissia, to the north is Sani Beach. It is also organized with umbrellas and sun beds as well as a Bar / Restaurant. If you continue a little further north you will find Kalo Nero, with the homonymous beach. The distance is just 5 kilometers from Kyparissia. And Kalo Nero is an organized beach, with umbrellas and sun beds. You will find several cafés and restaurants.

In Kyparissia you can visit the Upper Town, which has been designated a preserved settlement. You will see many neoclassical buildings, which are in very good condition. You will also see the Kyparissia Castle, the Turkish bath ( ruins) and the square with the plane tree before entering the castle. You will see many fountains as well as the cobblestone pavement, which has been the area’s oldest commercial street . There, at the beginning of August each year, the great outdoor flea market, unique in its kind in Greece, takes place.

Very close to Kyparissia, just 2 kilometers, there is a village, Myli, where you will find the old watermill, which functions as a traditional coffee shop. You will also be able to see the mill, as it is still operational.

Very close to Kyparissia is a special archaeological site, in Peristeria, where you can see a Mycenaean vaulted tomb. You can also visit the Peristeria Gorge if you enjoy hiking. The route starts next to the archaeological site and is not difficult.

If you choose to travel south, you can visit the Fairytales Castle at Agrilis, which is just 20 minutes driving from Kyparissia.  Also, you can visit the neardy beach of Stomio, which is very nice too.

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